Vicky Krawec is a Specialist Dietitian with experience working with individuals who feel “stuck” with their weight or their eating habits.

She provides nutritional assessment and advice alongside motivational counselling to help individuals to make changes that will benefit their health.

Vicky is able to tailor support to address the following issues related to weight management:

The body and mind need fuel in order to function at their best. Vicky can help you to understand exactly what your body needs, it's metabolism and how the body uses certain foods and nutrients. What and how we eat also effects our hormones, and can influence how we feel. For example, if we are depressed, we may be more likely to comfort eat. These issues will also be explored if needed.

about vicky

Vicky Krawec graduated from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff with Bsc (hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics in June 2006. Vicky has completed a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Diploma in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders as well as various courses on motivational interviewing and behaviour change.

She currently works full time for the NHS specialising in obesity and weight management.

While primarily providing dietetic advice and support to individuals, Vicky is also available for nutrition services such as:


For more information you can email Vicky at vicky@personaldietitian.net